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Weiss Construction Ltd providing exceptional quality framing.  You can count on personalized service, extensive product knowledge and dependable installation support.  Weiss Construction provides fast and efficient service abiding by the highest standards to deliver the most affordable and practical solution.

Weiss Construction Builder Renfrew
Weiss Construction Builder Renfrew


"I contracted with Weiss Construction in 2011 to do the majority of the work on our new home. The workmanship that they produced was second to none, and I mean none. The crew showed up with their trailer of equipment, and did an absolute fabulous job. They do NOT use a chainsaw, they use circular saws, levels and string lines to produce the best house I could have imagined. The walls are true, the corners square and things are level and plumb. The crew was very professional, and kept a very tidy work site. Luke was able to think on his feet and work around any problem that arose, including one where the trusses were sent at the wrong size and he had to modify the fit of the roof to be not just functional, but aesthetically pleasing. During construction, every sub-trade that was involved commented on the excellent work that Weiss Construction did and how easy they were to get along with. I highly recommend Weiss Construction Ltd!"


Steve Theriault, Arnprior, ON

I have contracted Weiss Construction a couple of times over the past few years,  most recently to renovate the large porch at the front of my veterinary clinic.  This was a challenge given the clinic’s busy schedule.  Luke and his team went out of their way to get the work done, quickly and efficiently,  with the least disruption for my clients.  I am happy to recommend Luke’s professional team of contractors ... I know we will be calling again.


Dr. Susan Martin, DVM, Lanark, ON


"I contracted Weiss Construction in the spring of 2011 to frame our new house in Springtown, Ontario. Luke was professional throughout the process, starting with a detailed professional quote. I found Luke to be both flexible and collaborative throughout the construction process. He met all deadlines and provided high quality work overall. There were no pricing issues and all contracted work was completed. Luke and his team were great to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend them."


Peter McManus, Springtown, ON

Weiss Construction Builder Renfrew
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